Glenn Morgan Hammered Dulcimers and Fishbite Recordings
Glenn MorganHammered Dulcimersand Fishbite Recordings

A Following Wind

An amazing Celtic Feast!


Joining Glenn’s Dulcimer are (ultimately)

two Fiddles, Cello, Guitar, Oboe, Viola,

Pennywhistle, Recorder, Melodeon,

Medieval Welsh Crwth (a bowed lyre),

Bodhran, Bones, Dumbek, Tambourine, Tenor Banjo.


With lively tunes from all over Celtic Lands, we call this one

"The Celtic Travelogue".

Glenn's Performance Schedule

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San Francisco, CA

Schedule website:


Friday, December 28

sets 12:30-4:15pm


Sunday, December 30

sets 12:30-4:15pm



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