Glenn Morgan Hammered Dulcimers and Fishbite Recordings
Glenn MorganHammered Dulcimersand Fishbite Recordings

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All of Glenn Morgan's Recordings are All Instrumental.

13.95 USD

Originally released in 1987, and still going strong! Features Glenn Morgan’s hammered dulcimer in a lively Irish session, with fiddle, octave mandolin, and bodhran (Irish frame drum). Makes your feet happy (and it’s a favorite with kids).

D is for Dulcimer
13.95 USD

The Dulcimer more “solo”, adding just a fine touch of acoustic guitar.
This mostly Irish collection features a number of gentler pieces originally written for the Irish harp, in addition to some more “sprightly” tunes.
We call it “Light, Bright & Happy”.

A Following Wind
13.95 USD

Celtic ensemble with a powerful, energetic sound. Dulcimer, two fiddles, cello, oboe, recorder, pennywhistle, guitar, octave mandolin and more. A musical Celtic travelogue! Tunes from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany, and a few from New England or Canada with Celtic roots.

Borders No More
13.95 USD

Tunes from Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, France, Sweden, Holland, and Russia. With the dulcimer are two violins, guitar, bass viol, Baroque wooden flute, Welsh crwth (a medieval bowed lyre), and hurdy-gurdy and percussion. This is a lovely and varied program.

13.95 USD

Traditional favorites from Scotland,Ireland and America. A simple instrumental setting with dulcimer, violin and guitar, and a sweet touch of Celtic harp. Several familiar pieces, including Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond, Amazing Grace, Sailor’s Hornpipe, Scotland the Brave.

Catch the Wind
13.95 USD

Guitars and violin complement the dulcimer. Touches of piano, keyboard, harmonica. Traditional melodies from diverse and far-flung places: Ireland, England, France, Wales, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, US/Canada, two originals. Mostly light-hearted and sweet. Overall the gentlest of Glenn’s recordings.

Good Time Christmas
13.95 USD

Dulcimer,fiddle, guitar, banjo, harmonica, even a bit of hurdy-gurdy! A highly festive presentation. A new face on old tunes, and some, not exactly Christmas, fit the spirit perfectly. Add a medieval piece, an Australian carol, and you have something really fun and different.

Glenn Morgan Collection 1
70.00 USD

Set One includes all six of Glenn's "originally traditional music" albums

Glenn Morgan Collection 2
75.00 USD

All seven albums


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JULY, 2017



San Francisco, CA

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Wednesday, July12

sets 11:30-4:30pm


Saturday, July 15

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Sunday, July 16

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Monday, July 17

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Silverton, OR

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July 22-23, 2017




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